Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Stash busting projects

Last week I received this beautiful skein of yarn from a member of the knit and crochet group at church.  She found it difficult to work with, so she passed it on to me because I practically drooled looking at it.

So I tried to make a scarf, using simple dc in a row, tangle city...so that got unraveled several times before I just frogged it.  And i have been scouring Ravelry for just the right stitch to make this wild yarn into a beautiful scarf!  And I finally found it! (click here for pattern).  It's a simple V stitch and I'm using a N hook.  The pattern calls for 2-3 skeins, so i'm just going to see how far I get using this single skein I have.  I also altered the pattern by starting with a length of 21 foundation chains instead of the 31 the pattern calls for.

I think it's turning out nicely!  And this is the perfect stitch for this type of yarn!

And an update on the wave afghan, it is coming along nicely, and should be completed in a month or so!

Yes a month, especially if I keep getting distracted with other small side projects...