Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Just add vodka

The holidays are not around the corner anymore, they are upon us!  And with the change in the weather (yesterday it was in the 60's, and today it's below freezing) it is time to break out the recipes and start baking!  There are a few recipes that are only out this time of year, so not all of the ingredients may be on hand!  Specifically anise extract which is needed to make Pfeffernuesse Cookies!  These beauties are super delicious so keep an eye out in the next week when I get together with my Mom and start baking!

So instead of going out and attempting to find Anise extract I searched for how to make it.  Why make it?  Because, I have star anise on hand and, why not? Did you know that you can make almost any type of extract you want?

You start with whatever you want to extract, in my case it's Anise

Put some in a glass jar

The add the vodka and close it up!

Let it sit "a while" and check it for strength, you can always add more vodka or let it sit longer!

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