Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Two more ideas for PSA

I wanted to explore other options for my edgy, in-your-face, PSA poster on Texting and Driving.  These are two other concepts I have come up with...Any and all feedback is welcome!  My original poster is posted on a previous please compare!

Monday, September 27, 2010


The legs/cradle of the bench are now done and the finish has been removed.  After looking at it together (to mark the holes) I'm thinking that I should just leave it natural and not do any faux rusting....any thoughts?

PSA take 2!

Frankie told me that the letters were hard to read as they were.  So I changed the fill does this look?

PSA as it is today...

I really do want comments about this poster.  So please let me know your thought about it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Contracting out welding jobs...

So for this bench I decided to use metal for the legs and as a band around the base. Fortunately for me I have a welder at my disposal (the person and the machine)!  So the leg portion of the bench is going great guns!  There has been one setback (but nothing huge) the legs need to be tack welded in place (as in on the bench) so there is a small burn in each i said, not a biggie!  I can just sand the corners and re-stain them...

After measuring and cutting the pieces with the grinder it my welder laid the pieces out on the actual bench to ensure an exact fit!  The next step is to spot weld it in place, then remove and lay down the actual welds.

Friday, September 24, 2010

And it's STAINED!

View of the "front" stained.  The stain was not as dark as I expected, probably because the wood is pine, and stains are always lighter on pine than on other woods.  But I like it, the front did some weird things, there are white places around the once dark spots.  I'm going to leave them, and just put the gloss coat on.  It ads a certain old-world or worn charm.
The inside of the bench stained a lot differently than the outside did...very interesting...gonna leave it as is...

Bench Progress

After three rounds of stripping, and one "swipe" with the sander using 60 grit...I still need to make a "pass" using 80, 100 then 220 grits before I can stain!  Hope to get this done tonight (sanded and stained that is!)

Front of the bench  There are still some dark spots from the previous stain, but I am down to needing a 220 grit sanding...I am planning on leaving it dark in those spaces so it stands out once I stain it dark.

Organic vs the other stuff... doing this furniture project (that would be the storage bench mentioned earlier in this blog) i had to strip the paint off the interior of the bench.  I started with the Citristrip because it is organic and not as "harsh" as the chemical stripper.  As I learned it is also not as effective as the chemical stripper.  I tried TWICE to remove the paint using the orange stuff, and had to wait 48 hours after that to use the Extra Strength stripper, and I still have a lot of sanding to for future projects (and there will be) I will just start with the chemical stripper and be done with it!

But everyone should note, the strong stuff will burn your skin!  (Lesson Learned) so make sure you wear long sleeves and gloves!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Gadget!

According to my stat report I have a lot of views from other I have recently installed a stat keeper at the very bottom of my page!  It will record the number of page views, and the number of views per country!  I'm super excited to have this and to share it with everyone! (it's free!)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quick Sketch for my PSA

This is just a quick sketch of what I was thinking about doing for my PSA project.  Comments and suggestions welcome..and yes I will make sure the car looks better than that one! :)
This is a car I found on Wrecked Exotics thought it would make a great "statement" for this PSA
Most of the rest of the images, the text that is, I am planning on doing freehand, using the picture on top as a guide for the lettering, and I'm planning on adding a cool line twist to it.  That way it looks like it was handwritten...which of course it was!! :0)

I also found a picture by doing a google search to use as a background, it is just a road, and I used photoshop to turn it into a hand drawn look, that way the car has a good contrast.

Monday, September 20, 2010

CAD drawings of the original bench

Finished Alternative Representation!

I want to thank everyone that helped me with this project!  I am very excited at the end result!  So without further it is!

PSA Poster Inspiration

This is an image of the poster I have chosen to use as inspiration for my PSA poster project...more to come, but in the meantime just enjoy the view!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Storage Bench Finishes!!!

To start with here is a sample of the wood stain, used for the main body of the bench, it will also cover the inside, if I can get all of the paint removed!  The body will then be finished with several coats of a gloss finish, gotta have that high luster finish!

I finally got the fabric for the bench, it is the fabric shown on the left.  The animal print is a coordinating fabric that will be used for pillows, both for the back of the bench (probably a roll pillow) and on the couch.  I will also be upholstering another chair with these two fabrics.  Using the fabrics in the manner will help to pull the fabric from the bench throughout the room.  Don't worry, I will be posting pictures as I get things done, as well as a final picture of the bench finished and in place in my living room!

The legs of this bench will be angle iron, with a faux rust finish, and obviously unless I have them finished and rusted I can't really take a picture of them, but as soon as they are done I will take a picture.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Storage Bench Redoux

Notes and sketches for my bench redo!  Some of the things have changed due to the age and nature of the wood of the bench.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's TIME for Furniture Design!

So this semester I am taking an Interior Details and Furniture Design class.  The semester project is to find a wooden, or partially wooden piece of furniture and either refinish it, or make something totally different out of it.
My piece

I ended up finding a storage bench, circa unknown. 
But, it was relatively cheap (only $15) and in decent condition!

So far I have taken the lid off, after removing the fabric, and have determined that it will have to be totally replaced...too much rot to even deal with...not to mention the materials used (it was not original to the piece) were just not satisfactory for my house!  

I will be writing a proposal on changing and improving my storage bench, and will also post my "during" pictures.  And a post all about the finishes!  :o)

As always, any comments are more than welcome!  I'm looking forward to seeing how this project turns out!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Photo Album

You are invited to view Dayna Schroeder's photo album: Letters
Sep 13, 2010
by Dayna Schroeder
Various letters in the same font with unconventional materials

So...Where you from?

Just because I can, I checked the stats for this fabulous blog, just to see what is goin on...
and aparently I have several "out-o-towners" who pop in, or have popped in to check it out. 
So, we are gonna play a game cause it's cool!  Leave a comment with where you are from, and how you found this blog!  I'm quite excited to see how many comments I City, State, or Country, Military Base...whatever!!!

Pageviews by Countries

Oops forgot to blog!

Me n Ryan!!

Well so much for me posting to this other blog!  I'm just busy like that!  I've been working on a lot of homework, and a project that is guaranteed to be wickedly awesome!  I will post pictures and more info on to the other stuff in life...Past two days have rocked like no other!  School = happiness, puppies = happiness, new baby (not mine) = happiness, my wonderful man = happiness, cooler days = other words I'm really happy! 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Blue Window Creative is at it again!

WPJA International Contest - Food and Drink Category - 4th Place
AG|WPJA International Contest - Emotion Category - 10th Place

Letter Fun take 2!

Several letters have been claimed, with AWESOME results!  I am still lacking volunteers for the following letter (and I'm gonna need it by Tuesday night/Wednesday EARLY morning at the latest)

c - using round sausage and the letter template then cut out letter, place sausage patty in pan and allow to cook with other whole patties...take a picture!

The rest of the letters have been claimed and pictures are done, or will be done soon!  Thanks again to everyone for their help!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Example of letter fun!

This is the first picture taken for the those that are curious can see what this is about...and those helping have a visual!

the letter 'N'

Letter Fun!

As posted earlier The new assignment is to take the letters from our names, and using unorthodox materials create the font (staying true to the serif!!!) and then take a picture of it.  I have one taker on creating a letter so here's what I have in mind...all letter outlines will be provided via this blog or your email, please do not scale the letters (or do it carefully so they stay true to the original letter) you can find the files here My Letters

d - using template create outline and fill with various nuts and bolts on a concrete floor near or in a pool of oil or other fluid

a - collect rocks and place in outline of letter in garden near flowers.  Make sure the garden the rocks are going into is not already filled with rocks...return rocks to original location after picture.

y - cut out letter and use as template, fill inside with wood chips, place carving knives and wood carving in frame and snap picture.

n - cut out letter to use as template, create letter out of dog/cat food, allow pet to enter frame of photo and go towards food...snap picture

a -cut out letter and draw on piece of metal, using a grinding wheel start to "cut" letter out.  Snap a picture.

s -using couch as a background start to knit a small width scarf...use as beginning or end of letter then use same yarn (still attached) to create the rest of the outline of the letter. 

c - thaw sausage patty, scale letter to fit, then cut out letter, place sausage patty in pan and allow to cook with other whole patties...

h - create outline and fill of letter with fishing lures. Lure at top of letter attached to a pole

r - cut out letter to use as template, create outline with ammunition,

o - cut out letter to use as template and fill or cover with skittles, remover paper...have all spawnlings put hand towards skittles to take one...just one tho cause we don't want them to ruin their appetite! Or do outline in skittles and fill the middle with crackery things...and the rest same as above...then snap picture! Onward! Then please email picture to me at address listed below...

e - create coffee spill using glue and paint, lay coffee cup over on side with "coffee" inside it, and "flowing" out to create letter, place on washable and wipe-able surface.

d - create letter out of white mat board and poster board, finish with brown shoe polish.  Place in Oven inside a baking dish, turn oven on so the broiler glows and snap a picture and remove and switch off before paper catches on fire!

e - in a bowl use glue milk and puffed rice cereal to create letter.

r -using letter as a guide place crushed cans on floor to create outline...then fill inside with crushed cans and some that are not crushed yet...have assistant lift crusher and prepare to crush un-crushed cans...snap a pic!

I have a long name, and that is a lot of pictures...but, for all those willing to help let me know which letter you want to do and when all pictures have been snapped please email them to me at

And if you have an alternative idea to one of my letters please let me know...there are a lot, and i think I pulled a brain muscle thinking! ;0))

Thank you all in advance...and I hope the little ones enjoy the Skittles!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Logo Design DONE!

So, here is the final hand drawn and the Illustrator versions of my story logo!  There were quite a few changed between my hand drawn version and the final version done in Adobe illustrator as you can see...or if you can't see then I'm telling you! :)

Hand Drawn
Adobe Illustrator
Drawing the logo was a lot of fun, not easy, but fun none the less.  After scanning it in and using Illustrator to create a finished design I have to say I do like the computerized version better.  It still has that hand drawn look and quality but also has the clean lines from the computer! 

As always feedback or comments are always appreciated!

ENJOY! & Until next time...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Calling for Creativity

Today we got a new assigment.  We are to use a list of approved fonts, and using "odd" materials if you will, create our name staying true to the serif of our chosen font.  So, over the next day or two i will be posting my font, and what I want to use for each letter, and anyone brave enough, or bored enough is encouraged to follow my directions and take a picture of a letter or two!  Part of this is so that I get experience at being an "art director", and Professor Babcock has mentioned several times that we should have someone other than ourselves actually do the prep and picture of the various letters...if you think you may be interested in helping me please post a comment and let me know when you are free to do pics!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

More eye Candy

Gallery of faboo paintings and drawings from an artist from the south.  Wonderful stuff!  Worth a look or ten! :)