Friday, January 29, 2016

Week 30!

10-ish weeks left! Holy cow!  It seems like just yesterday I was posting that I was finally pregnant, and Guppy was in the right place!  How time flies!  My baby girl is now over 3 pounds, and at least 17", but probably more because of her long legs.  Other things that are growing this week.  Her brain, it's starting to look more like a brain with the wrinkles, grooves and indentations.  This week the part of the brain that helps with temperature regulation will take over instead of leaving that task for other parts of the body, mainly the fuzzy fur that has up to now covered her tiny little body.  Once she is born all of the fuzz will have disappeared.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Hobbit Stew

I have several friends that are really good cooks, at least their pictures of food look AMAZING!  And sometimes I'm lucky enough to get a recipe! Today is one of those days!  My friend Derek has made this stew before and I'm pretty sure I drooled on my phone and begged for the recipe....yesterday he wrote it out and tagged me in the post!  So tonight we are eating Hobbit Stew!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Week 29!

Little Guppy isn't quite so little anymore.  She is gaining more weight and filling out the up-to-now saggy skin.  And thanks to this fat she is growing that cute shade of pink we can't wait to see when she arrives!  With that extra weight there is less room for Baby Fish to wiggle around in, so her kicks and jabs are increasingly stronger and make my belly jump!

Yes, that is my Guppy

I'm finding myself craving more milk and cheese, which is a good thing as my little one is soaking up as much calcium as she can!  Measuring up at around 15" long, and well over 2.5 lbs she is on her way towards the finish line!  And I am too!  Working more on the nursery, and it's many projects and trying to get everything ready for her arrival.  I'm sure we will get it done in time!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Designs for the nursery

One of the fun things about expecting is doing the nursery.  We have known for a while that we were going to do the sock monkey theme.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Week 28! 7 Months...

Where has the time gone!?!  Only 12 short weeks till my Estimated Due Date (EDD) and of course she can come anywhere from 10 to 14 weeks from now and still be considered full term...yikes!!! I need to get working in the nursery!  It's a disaster right now...

Disaster Zone, aka the nursery

Monday, January 11, 2016

Hard water & a Dr's visit

Part of cloth diapering, is knowing how to correctly wash the diapers, the other part is knowing how to put them on which is I think is simpler than the washing part.  I posted my wash routine back in December (read that post here). When I got this routine last month I didn't know my water hardness level so today we went out and bought a water testing kit.  Besides the hardness level we needed to check the pH and if there was any iron in the water.  Iron in the water doesn't sound like a big deal.  But if you use bleach to disinfect the inserts and covers it can/will turn whites a shade of orange when if you have iron in the water.  Which is not what bleach is supposed to do...whites whiter and all..

Water test

Friday, January 8, 2016

Week 27!

According to most pregnancy resources I am officially in my third trimester!!!  The only one I found that doesn't agree with this is "What to Expect..." but I reject their dating system, and will use the others!  This week Guppy is a whooping 15-ish inches, and over 2 pounds!  Her eyes are open when she is not sleeping, and I get the ticklish bumps of hiccups every once in a while.  Otherwise she is just plain ole kicking me and those she deems good enough for a bump from within.  Don't feel bad if you aren't one of the lucky ones, pretty soon she will be too big to hide her kicks and bumps from anyone.

photo from

Monday, January 4, 2016

Pictures of Guppy

Today was our 3D ultrasound appointment!!!  It was just for fun so we got pictures and videos....are you ready for Guppy overload?!?  Her head is facing towards my right hip, her bum is on my left side and her feet are kicking me in my right side.  She is head down which is great, and she is snuggled up against my placenta.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

More about cloth diapers

I want to start out and pocket diapers are addicting!!! I mean Guppy isn't even here yet and I want to buy ALL THE POCKETS!!!  I have had to reign myself in and be content just putting some pockets and other cloth diapering supplies on my registry.  I have come across some excellent deals that I just couldn't pass up....Because these pockets and inserts are pre-loved I need to make sure they are clean and ready for Guppy when she gets here in April.  Fortunately for a newbie like me I have the Fluff Love group on facebook!  There are two steps in getting the pre-loved diapers ready for a new little bottom!  I want to point out that if you know and trust the person you are getting your diapers from you don't have to strip them, you can just bleach and then wash.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

How much extra do you really need?

It's a new year, and for some this is when they vow to make healthier life choices and to "get into shape" start exercising!  Well I fall into a different category.  I'm pregnant. Losing weight during pregnancy is generally a no-no.  For many reasons.  You need to eat more to help build that baby, and dieting (particularly certain foods) is just BAD for baby, and people in general in my own humble opinion.  But that is another post for another day.  So let's start with some stats:

Friday, January 1, 2016

Week 26! Happy New Year!

This is the week little Guppy's eyes open!  She can distinguish light from dark and will kick when I shine a light on my belly.  And what a kick it is!  With those long legs of hers I am surprised I am not black and blue!!!  She also kicks when Fergus barks.  A fun milestone this past week, I got my first kick in the ribs!  Her favorite kicking or punching position is still to kick towards my back so if you want to feel her you will have to wait till she turns around again.  She is at least 14" long and is almost two pounds!!

Picture from Baby Center