Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A cloth adventure!

I'm always up for a new adventure!  Life is more fun that way!  So today while perusing Facebook I came across a post in one of the Swaps for cloth diapers and inserts.  It got me thinking.  Why not?  If it saves us money, and saves the environment...why not try it!  So after some discussion with the hubbs we decided to go for it!

The start of my stash

Friday, December 25, 2015

Week 25! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!  It's hiccup week!  During this week Guppy's nose is no longer plugged up and her vocal cords are functioning so I could feel her hiccuping soon!!  She is likely over 13 inches and is at or over a pound and a half!  Another fun fact this week, she will hopefully be turning over from the breach position that most babies are in early in pregnancy...I think she has been feet down because most of her kicks and punches have been "below the belt" thus far!  We shall see if she does turn now or later!  She is a fan of kicking daddy just a little then moving around until she is curled up in his hand.  A Daddy's Girl already!!!

Photo from Pregnology.com

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Breasts...there I said it

Breastfeeding has become a "hot topic" as of late and we live in a society where breasts are used as marketing ploys...hello Carl's Jr, Hardee's, Victoria Secret, etc...and let's face it, sex sells.  And until that changes we can expect to see images like these plastered all over TV, and the internet.  And on the flip side we will have mom's shamed for breastfeeding in public.

Monday, December 21, 2015

What if?

This blog post appeared on Peg's Pantry and is being published with permission from the author.

Since I relented and let Joel get Tara, I have been wondering about this.  If you read this blog, I am curious to know your thoughts.Let me know what you think.

What if we treated our spouses more like a pampered pet?

Friday, December 18, 2015

Week 24!

I have been noticing that when I sing my little Guppy starts dancing!  And with it being the Christmas Season I am singing a LOT!  I love Christmas music!!!  I can also feel her move when I am standing which is a change from the usual sitting or laying down of weeks past!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Dr appointment update and more

So my bestie Sara is back stateside for a visit and she brought the cutest dress for my little Guppy!  I just have to share it!

Our visit with the doctor went GREAT!  The Dr I met with looked over my birth preferences and said there was no reason they could not accommodate my wishes, of course the IV is a must, although they will allow a saline lock, and as long as my Group B Strep test comes back negative later in pregnancy then I won't be required to have fluids & antibiotics.  Some of the items on my preferences list will have to be addressed by the pediatrician as my OB only handles the delivery and postpartum care!

Hearing this has helped my anxiety regarding birth.  By a LOT.  On another note.  Little Guppy's heart rate was a solid 154, and I have gained 14 pounds so far so I am on track even though I feel very LARGE and over sized.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Cooking enough for an army.

Maybe it's the time of year, or maybe it's just me being pregnant and knowing that in a few months I'm not going to want to do much cooking....but I have started putting together some freezer meals that can just be pulled out and cooked, or reheated.  I'm also making some to take up to a neighbor that has recently had her first child.  Pinterest is full of yummy recipes, and I am starting to re-organize my "food stuffs" board into categories like Poultry, Beef, Pork and Venison.  Today I am making Slow Cooker Kalua Pig which when done will give me several servings to eat, and to freeze!  This recipe is also from the Paleo diet if that matters to anyone.

Week 23! 6 months and counting!

I know as pregnancy progresses I will be gaining weight.  That doesn't stop me from a bit of panic every time I step on a scale.  I worry about eating too much, or not enough, or eating the wrong things.  This week I feel like I took a huge jump up in pounds, especially since my appetite has got me eating constantly, well it feels like constantly. And it's no surprise, my little Guppy is about a foot in length, and weighs around a pound and a quarter!

Photo from Pregnology.com

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Baby is really moving now!

Daddy was finally able to for sure feel our little Guppy move last night just after 10 pm while we were laying in bed!  After kicking him good she bumped around until she was curled up against his hand and just snuggled there till he moved.  It was such a wonderful moment for me, and I had the hardest time falling asleep after that!

She is more and more active and bumps around every time I sit down.  It is such an exciting time! Before long we will be able to see her move and bump around in my belly!!!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Week 22!

Baby Fish is becoming more active.  Those little kicks and movements are getting more intense, and make me laugh because they are still so unexpected!  It is one of the things I never thought I would get to experience, and make me grateful (even when she wakes me up at night) that I get to experience this miracle.  Most of the pregnancy sources say that this week my wee one will reach a whole pound this week, and measures anywhere from 8-12 inches from crown to toes!  When our little one gets here in April and bats those baby blues she will be sporting lashes that she will develop this week!  Also developing this week are her senses, touch, sight, taste and hearing.  So we are sure to continue to talk to her, laugh a lot, and I am trying to make sure my diet is mostly good things.  My cravings have started to become more sugary, but I am still wanting the fruits and veggies I have been wanting since the beginning!  If you could take a peek at my bean today, you would see her itty bitty fingernails on those itty bitty fingers!

Photo from pregnology.com