Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sometimes you just want to cook

After what seems like forever since I last made a big meal, tonight I decided to once again, go all out and create a feast. Tonight's menu is BBQ chicken, horseradish scalloped potatoes, mozzarella tomato and basil stuffed baby-bella mushrooms and peppered bacon brussel sprouts.  As I said, I got a hankering to cook.

The BBQ chicken is simple.  Season with your favorite BBQ rub, bake and then smother with your favorite BBQ sauce.

Next I found a recipe for scalloped potatoes, and made it my own.  Click here for the recipe.
I've never made brussle sprouts before, and i didn't feel like finding a recipe, so I decided to brown some black pepper bacon, add a bit of butter then toss the sprouts in and let them "wilt" a bit.  Quite tasty!

Overall dinner was very yummy!  The kitchen is a wreck, but my tummy is happy and full!