Saturday, December 28, 2013

Scarves for everyone!

Original Scarf
 Since Christmas the weather is not as frightful, snow is gone, but it's till chilly!  And I have a lot of single skeins of "fancy" yarn in my stash.  Since finding the awesome "V" pattern I have created several more scarves!
Super soft periwinkle fuzzy

Green Fuzzy

If you aren't familiar with the "V" stitch it's super simple! Make the foundation chain in multiples of 3+1, DC in the 4th chain, then CH2, and DC in same stitch, skip two CH then *DC (in the 3rd chain), CH2, DC in same stitch*, repeat until last ch, and do a single DC, CH3 and turn. *DC, CH2 DC in the space from the CH2* repeat until end of row, single DC in the DC below.  Repeat until you run out of yarn!  These scarves only took one skein of yarn each.  The Periwinkle and green were a foundation chain of 10, the purple was a foundation of 13.

And I have made great progress with my scrap afghan!

This is a keeper of a pattern, and the black in between each color really sets it off! Once this is done I'll be making some lap blankets in this style!

Hope you are enjoying winter!