Friday, August 27, 2010

Logo Making...My process...

In this blog post i will be posting several drawings (yes those are stick figures!) of my process of creating a logo out of a story.  And anyone that knows me well I'm sure can guess this story!

So, for the past week, besides playing with my blog and making it do awesome things, I have been sketching and thinking about ways to have this story come across in a compact way.

Start my drawing!

Beginning to bring it all together

Process work
Getting closer!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Adventure, who wants to join me?

Today I embark on a new adventure...Google chrome!  Up to today I've been an avid fan of Firefox, and I'm not saying they are no longer a good browser, I'm just up for trying something new!  I was recently told that Google Chrome offered some different, and some better services than your typical IE8, or Firefox browser, so here it goes!  For the next week, I will attempt to use Google chrome exclusively (there are some sites that only work in IE8) and during that week I will post comments to this post to let everyone (cause I'm sure you are dying to know what I think) know my opinions, pros and cons.  If anyone wants to join this little experiment feel free to do so and post your observations in my comments!  And of course if you are already a chrome user and have some tips or tricks please post those as well!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My "kids"

Fergus and Storm

And the "pic" test

The first post...

Testing 1-2-3!!  The very first blog post from yours truly is now up and ready for comments!  That is if you have any!  I'm sure posting is not quite required yet, but I'm gonna do it anyway!  : )  

In this blog throughout this semester I will be posting all about the assignments I'm doing, problems I may be having, the thoughts I've been thinking, stuff like that.  Of course as this in itself is an assignment for this course i will be keeping my posts PG and expect any and all comments to be PG as well...there is no need to be offending anyone else that is reading this!  So...feel free to comment, suggest and otherwise put in your "two cents" as this adventure continues for the next 16 or so weeks!

Till next time...