Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Frogged again

After finally completing Christmas projects for others I decided to make something for myself. Of course it didn't go well.  The hat pattern, "Easy Slouchy Hat," (click here for Ravelry link or click here for PDF) I decided to make was supposed to be a "beginner" pattern, but it just confused me, a lot.  I ripped it out and restarted it twice last night, changed the pattern and got halfway thru only to realize that I had been doing it wrong from the get-go which is why it didn't look right, and the original pattern was confusing.  SO I put it down and went to bed.  This morning I took the whole thing out so I could start again.

And I started it again, twice, so I frogged the whole thing.

 Wait, not a "frog frog", "frogged" refers to ripping out a whole project when you have to start over, either because you were knitting the wrong size, decided you didn't like the pattern, or for some other reason.
totally frogged
I realized that the problem with the pattern was the instructions.  Yes the instructions, they just weren't clear.  There is no mention of how many stitches should be in each round, and there are no explanations as to what constitutes a "space" versus the normal DC in a stitch.  My frustrations are at an unacceptable level, so I'm going to forget this pattern. Although I am still going to make a hat for myself...if anyone reading this would like to attempt this pattern, and is successful...please contact me and tell me what I did wrong, cause the hat is cute, and I have PLENTY of yarn to make one.

I found a new pattern to try, "MioMi Beret," (click here for Ravelry link or click here for PDF) it is an intermediate pattern, and after reading through the directions MULTIPLE times I am satisfied that this is a pattern I can tackle and do! So here we go!