Thursday, December 19, 2013

New adventure with Plarn

Today is not a normal Thursday.  Sure it's 6 days until Christmas, but that is still not what makes today special.  Before we moved I was told about a group of women who get together and knit and crochet. Helping each other with patterns and projects, sharing yarn, making things for charity. And today I am finally going to join them!  Yeah!!!  I am taking "my" hat so I can continue to work on it, as well as the plarn I have been making.

What is plarn you ask? Well let me show you!

This is plarn, it is yarn made from plastic bags, like these.

It is great for making outdoor rugs, or sleeping mats for the homeless.  Which is where my balls of plarn are destined for!

And I'm sure you want to know just how to make this ball of fun, well let me break it down for you!

Lay out your bag, and smooth it out, so it looks like it did before it was used

Then fold it in half lengthwise

And again

Cut off the handles

Cut off the bottom, but don't throw that away, it is still recyclable!

Then fold it in half,

And again,

Then with scissors cut the folded sides to create four pieces

Carefully unfold each piece into a loop

To make the ball, loop each piece together like you used to connect rubber-bands as a kid, and carefully pull tight, making sure the loops are even!

Now do this a hundred or so more times and you have enough plarn to make a mat to donate to a homeless shelter!  Or you can just make the plarn and donate it to a group that makes these mats!