Monday, May 29, 2017

Photo Challenge 2017

It's time again for this years Photo Challenge!  I will be posting my pictures on Instagram and you can share yours there, and see mine!  The hashtag to use this year is #MsFishsPhotoChallenge2017 and I hope you decide to join me!  Here is the list of the pictures...

And this is the calendar I will be using. I am again skipping the 4th of July.

I have also started a Google Calendar for the photos so I get a reminder each day with the photo number and what the photo should be.  It's just easier that way especially with a busy kiddo!!!  You can see this calendar here, and if you want to be added to the calendar just comment with your email address and I will add you!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Being a new mommy

One of the things that you learn quickly once you become pregnant is that everyone has an opinion....about your pregnancy, about your body, breast or bottle, cloth or disposable...All advice can be taken or left.  You don't need to explain your decisions as a parent and lets be honest, most people who are already parents or have a few years of experience should remember what it was like to have unsolicited advice shoved at them every 5 minutes....but that is neither here nor there.

A friend of mine (who's advice I take 99.9% of the time) sent me a great article on things your crying baby wants you to know.  It's a good read and worth the time. I can guarantee you won't spoil a new baby by picking them up when they cry, or by loving on them!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Difficult Decisions

Our dogs are like family.  When I rescued Hammond from some bad owners he fit right in to our family. I thought I would find  someone to take him, but time passed and he stayed with us.

I don't know his full history, and honestly I don't want to know.  I do know he was very mistreated so when he got here he loved running around the backyard and playing with Fergus.

And he loved snuggling and loving.

Even when we brought Baby Fish home, he seemed to adjust without a problem.

Unfortunately a few months afterwords he started obsessively chewing his paws.  And when we would get on the floor to play he would push Baby Fish out of the way and get between us.  Not exactly the best behavior around a baby.  He liked her petting him when it was on his terms, otherwise he would snarl at her.  Once that happened I became even more vigilant at not allowing them to be alone together, and started talking to friends about re-homing him.  I was not about to risk my daughter getting bit.  Tonight there was an incident that was too close for my liking.  So with a heavy heart I started calling rescues to figure out where he can go, because I don't trust him anymore.  One local rescue I contacted wanted $1000 to take him immediately and it was a $300 "donation" for them to help find a home while he stayed with us.  Others couldn't take him because I didn't live in their area, or couldn't take him till the end of the month.  I had one last option.  Megan's Paws and Claws.  Although they do not take owner surrender anymore they were kind enough to post on their page that we needed a new home for him ASAP. There, of course, were the standard "did she try ____" it was so hard to not respond myself and say, hey, I'm NOT risking my daughter getting bit period. If you aren't commenting that you are interested then move along.  I had two potential adopters for him, and chose a wonderful lady that lives very close by so I can keep in touch.

Love you buddy.