Friday, December 20, 2013

Not while I'm counting!!!

Moments are defined by how we react to them.  I am learning to react differently.  Yes my dogs wake me up at what seems to be an ungodly time, but I get to see the sunrise, and if I get the chance, I get to snuggle and take a nap with them later.  Yes, the afghan pattern I'm trying to learn and memorize got interrupted, but I had a great conversation, and maybe I had to tear most of it out after finishing three rows (it's a big afghan) but I can tighten my initial stitches and it will look better.  Not to mention I drug out all of my random skeins and balls because I'm finally starting the Scrumptious Scraps Afghan (click here for pattern).

The foundation chain and first row is where I had my initial problems.  And if we are all being honest, who doesn't?!?  The single most frustrating thing about making afghans, is the foundation chain and first row.  It is a test of mental strength, and reason we drink wine (or other beverage) while crocheting.  For those reading that have never made an afghan, try it, you will understand.

I am so glad I ended up with a ton of random skeins, this pattern/style of stitches is turning out to be one of my favorite, even more so than the ripple!  I have a lot of plans for this stitch! And I know where to get more so I can create lap blankets and who knows what else!

The possibilities are endless!