Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer photo challenge - Photo 1, a selfie

Our first photo challenge is a selfie.  I am no stranger to selfies, I try to take at least one every day.

Here I am! 

It will be interesting to see how much I change over the summer.  Will I have different hair color?  Lose weight?  Gain weight?  Will I stay the same?  That is part of what this photo challenge is about.  We will be documenting summer, how we feel every day and how our mood effects the pictures we take.
Our challenge list

Today is raining, a lot, more like a thunderstorm.  Which I love, but Fergus hates, Hammond is indifferent.

The kiddos on the other doesn't care and is happy just watching movies, the other asks every few minutes to play in the rain, or go home, or go to the neighbor's house to play, anything except sit and "do nothing."  Time to go to Pinterest and find something fun to do today that won't drive me nuts, that will keep them entertained!

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