Sunday, June 21, 2015

Photo Challenge - Photo 19, home

"Home is where your history begins. 
Home is where they catch you when you fall."

Home is also where your heart is.  My heart is always with my husband.  Several years ago we had talked about moving, some place more out in the open, fewer neighbors so they don't feel like they are right on top of you.  Acreage was ideal.  We found one house we loved, but the price wasn't right, they wanted a lot more than it was worth.  So it must not have been meant to be.  The second house we put a bid on fell through because again, they wanted too much, and there was a lot of stuff we would have to fix because they were DIY'ers that didn't know how to DIY...The third house was not a charm...cause we lost the bid to someone else...but the fourth was just right!  Looking back I think we ended up exactly where we are supposed to be!  The couple that got that third house have become awesome friends, and there are other couples in the neighborhood that we hang out with, a LOT!  We are truly blessed to live where we do.  My picture is of a drawing that my parents had done for us.  If you want one of your own, and you know you do!  Just click on over to Jamie Noel and see the rest of her awesomeness!

Drawing by Jamie Noel, get yours here