Monday, June 29, 2015

Cleaning with Dawn Dish Soap!

In the recent years there has been a swing towards natural cleaning agents.  Bleach is a thing of the past, or it should be, I really dislike the smell of bleach, and the side effects of using it while cleaning.  You know the ones, bleach spots on your clothes, having to wear gloves (or should wear) to use it, and it's not exactly kid friendly.  You can find a ton of cleaning alternatives on Pinterest, and all over the internet.  I have been using Dawn dish soap for years as a dog shampoo.  There are lists of other things you can do with it, from weed control, to people shampoo, to bathroom cleaner, even window cleaner.  I hate wearing gloves when I'm cleaning so I decided to try the tub and shower cleaner found on One Good Thing by Jillee

It was worth a shot so I gathered what I needed..

Wow was that super stinky!  Burned my throat breathing in the vinegar least it's not toxic right?!?  Next time I will turn the fan on for sure...but I got it all sprayed in the shower, and the toilets just to see, and walked away to continue dancing my way through cleaning the bedroom...I came back a few minutes later (like the how-to said) and started spraying it off the shower walls....I don't know what kind of "gunk, slime, sludge and other stuff" the blog gal has in her shower, but mine wasn't budging....time to break out the Mr Clean Magic Eraser and get to scrubbing....and grumbling.  I will say it came off easier than normal with the Eraser after soaking with vinegar and dawn.  And it even took the hard water stains on the shower doors, with a bit of elbow grease...The blog gal must not have a mechanic in her house...cause that grease gets everywhere and is a pain to get off.   But my shower is sparkly now!

My toilets are clean too, but again, I had to scrub with the toilet brush, and had to break out the gloves...I will use it again, but I know it's not a magic cleaner, nothing out there is...but it works better, with scrubbing, than other cleaners I have found, and I would rather use Dawn and Vinegar than commercial cleaners!

Happy Monday, and Happy Cleaning!

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