Friday, June 5, 2015

I'm bored!

The dreaded words of summer...I'm bored...they have been counting the days till freedom and now they don't know what to do with all of this "free time."  I had been giving them window cleaner and paper towels and letting them clean my windows when they utter those words.  But there has to be something better than constant chores, and stuff that doesn't cost money!!!

This morning we packed up and went on a nature hike.

We saw a snail

And a snake
Do you see him?

And a crawdad

And sadly couldn't walk the entire trail, because a large portion of it was underwater.

And when we got home we did a craft...well Kayla and I did.  Brandon wanted to go play.
Our Morse Code bracelets

After a while both kids were done with their activities and the dreaded "I'm bored" was spoken...then my front window got cleaned....I didn't want to battle the constant fit-pitching when that phrase was spoken so I decided to make an "I'm Bored Jar"

In this jar are several fun things, and several cleaning things...the rule is that you have to do whatever is on the stick you pull, no complaints!  If you complain then I get to choose what you clean!  Of course I also get final say in what we can do, if it's raining and storming we can't really go on a photo nature walk...