Friday, January 22, 2016

Week 29!

Little Guppy isn't quite so little anymore.  She is gaining more weight and filling out the up-to-now saggy skin.  And thanks to this fat she is growing that cute shade of pink we can't wait to see when she arrives!  With that extra weight there is less room for Baby Fish to wiggle around in, so her kicks and jabs are increasingly stronger and make my belly jump!

Yes, that is my Guppy

I'm finding myself craving more milk and cheese, which is a good thing as my little one is soaking up as much calcium as she can!  Measuring up at around 15" long, and well over 2.5 lbs she is on her way towards the finish line!  And I am too!  Working more on the nursery, and it's many projects and trying to get everything ready for her arrival.  I'm sure we will get it done in time!

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