Friday, January 8, 2016

Week 27!

According to most pregnancy resources I am officially in my third trimester!!!  The only one I found that doesn't agree with this is "What to Expect..." but I reject their dating system, and will use the others!  This week Guppy is a whooping 15-ish inches, and over 2 pounds!  Her eyes are open when she is not sleeping, and I get the ticklish bumps of hiccups every once in a while.  Otherwise she is just plain ole kicking me and those she deems good enough for a bump from within.  Don't feel bad if you aren't one of the lucky ones, pretty soon she will be too big to hide her kicks and bumps from anyone.

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We went to our first childbirth class on was enlightening to say the least.  We got to watch a labor video, they didn't tell us till afterwords that all three of the moms featured in the video did their birth all natural.  Which cements it even more for me.  I can do it!  I have opted to make a few changes to my birth preferences based on what we learned in class tonight. Most of what is in my plan is already standard for the hospital, but I did add a few things, mainly stressing that I want Guppy to stay with me for all tests and procedures unless it's an emergency, and then hubbs can accompany her, as will I if I'm able.

My next appointment is scheduled for Monday the 11th....the dreaded Glucose test.  After researching it a LOT, and reading TONS of blog posts about it I have decided that I'm going to have a cup of coffee, and eat toast with a scrambled egg before the test and hope for the best. I won't have the results for several days, but I'm not worried!