Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A cloth adventure!

I'm always up for a new adventure!  Life is more fun that way!  So today while perusing Facebook I came across a post in one of the Swaps for cloth diapers and inserts.  It got me thinking.  Why not?  If it saves us money, and saves the environment...why not try it!  So after some discussion with the hubbs we decided to go for it!

The start of my stash

So I now have the start of my diaper stash, and some new friends!  The gal I got the diapers from is a CD veteran so I have her as a resource and she set me up with an awesome group on Facebook called Fluff Love & CD Science so I have a ton of people to help me get started!   It is a closed group, but if you have questions about CD or are wanting to get started I suggest joining. They even set me up with a personalized wash routine based on my washer and the soap I use!

I was also given some links to some "how to use" videos!  Like this one...

So here is to starting a new adventure when Guppy gets here!