Sunday, January 3, 2016

More about cloth diapers

I want to start out and pocket diapers are addicting!!! I mean Guppy isn't even here yet and I want to buy ALL THE POCKETS!!!  I have had to reign myself in and be content just putting some pockets and other cloth diapering supplies on my registry.  I have come across some excellent deals that I just couldn't pass up....Because these pockets and inserts are pre-loved I need to make sure they are clean and ready for Guppy when she gets here in April.  Fortunately for a newbie like me I have the Fluff Love group on facebook!  There are two steps in getting the pre-loved diapers ready for a new little bottom!  I want to point out that if you know and trust the person you are getting your diapers from you don't have to strip them, you can just bleach and then wash.

The first is to strip the cloth diapers.  Just follow the SUPER easy steps below.

After stripping your diapers you MUST bleach the diapers.

Then launder with the approved routine.  If you don't know what kind of routine you should use, then just ask the gals at Fluff Love, or check their website!