Friday, January 15, 2016

Week 28! 7 Months...

Where has the time gone!?!  Only 12 short weeks till my Estimated Due Date (EDD) and of course she can come anywhere from 10 to 14 weeks from now and still be considered full term...yikes!!! I need to get working in the nursery!  It's a disaster right now...

Disaster Zone, aka the nursery

Baby Fish is continuing to pack on the pounds and getting longer.  Because her legs are so long (from the 3D ultrasound) and weighs more than average I have no idea how much bigger she is now!  But she is growing, and we will see soon just how big she is!

Photo from

I did have the evil 1 hour blood glucose test on Monday, and I got the results back on Thursday...

I PASSED!!!!  My sugars were at 100 mg/dL and were well within range! Made my day!!!  And one less thing for me to worry about!

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