Friday, December 4, 2015

Week 22!

Baby Fish is becoming more active.  Those little kicks and movements are getting more intense, and make me laugh because they are still so unexpected!  It is one of the things I never thought I would get to experience, and make me grateful (even when she wakes me up at night) that I get to experience this miracle.  Most of the pregnancy sources say that this week my wee one will reach a whole pound this week, and measures anywhere from 8-12 inches from crown to toes!  When our little one gets here in April and bats those baby blues she will be sporting lashes that she will develop this week!  Also developing this week are her senses, touch, sight, taste and hearing.  So we are sure to continue to talk to her, laugh a lot, and I am trying to make sure my diet is mostly good things.  My cravings have started to become more sugary, but I am still wanting the fruits and veggies I have been wanting since the beginning!  If you could take a peek at my bean today, you would see her itty bitty fingernails on those itty bitty fingers!

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Each day brings us closer to meeting our little one.  And reality is sinking in, we have started putting the nursery together and I will be working on that little by little over the next few months!

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