Monday, December 14, 2015

Dr appointment update and more

So my bestie Sara is back stateside for a visit and she brought the cutest dress for my little Guppy!  I just have to share it!

Our visit with the doctor went GREAT!  The Dr I met with looked over my birth preferences and said there was no reason they could not accommodate my wishes, of course the IV is a must, although they will allow a saline lock, and as long as my Group B Strep test comes back negative later in pregnancy then I won't be required to have fluids & antibiotics.  Some of the items on my preferences list will have to be addressed by the pediatrician as my OB only handles the delivery and postpartum care!

Hearing this has helped my anxiety regarding birth.  By a LOT.  On another note.  Little Guppy's heart rate was a solid 154, and I have gained 14 pounds so far so I am on track even though I feel very LARGE and over sized.