Monday, December 21, 2015

What if?

This blog post appeared on Peg's Pantry and is being published with permission from the author.

Since I relented and let Joel get Tara, I have been wondering about this.  If you read this blog, I am curious to know your thoughts.Let me know what you think.

What if we treated our spouses more like a pampered pet?

Would we:

  • go on more long walks and play more games
  • scratch your back and brush your hair just so I could lay my hands on you
  • feed you only healthy treats and give you only the best food - not that store brand stuff
  • snuggle you several times a day and say sweet things when I walked by
  • take your picture and tell you how cute you are
  • entertain you and play games with you to make sure you are not bored
  • admire you when you are napping, even your funny flaws like your snaggletooth
  • take you on visits and to lots of interesting places where we could romp around together
  • bring home new toys for us to play together
  • find delight in all the silly things you do
  • pull you onto my lap several times a day
  • tell people how fun you are to be with and brag about your exploits
  • ruffle your hair with a towel and dry your back after your bath
  • clean up all your messes and even the hairs on the floor without complaint
  • notice if you were getting too hot or too cold or if you were getting thirsty so I could get you fresh drinks
  • not grouse at you when I'm grumpy about something else
  • gently lead you where I need/want to go and let you take the lead and follow you when it's important to you
  • chatter on happily even though you are not listening to a word that is being said
  • stop in the middle of chores to play for a moment because you are staring at me longingly
  • love to have you jump on my lap and snuggle when I sit on the couch
  • not get irritated if you followed me around all day, got in my way, was curious to know what I was doing and what I was going to do next
  • nurture and love you without expecting anything but love in return

Here's to being happily married and treated like a pampered pet!
Merry Christmas!
Hope you also have a happy and healthy New Year!

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