Friday, December 25, 2015

Week 25! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!  It's hiccup week!  During this week Guppy's nose is no longer plugged up and her vocal cords are functioning so I could feel her hiccuping soon!!  She is likely over 13 inches and is at or over a pound and a half!  Another fun fact this week, she will hopefully be turning over from the breach position that most babies are in early in pregnancy...I think she has been feet down because most of her kicks and punches have been "below the belt" thus far!  We shall see if she does turn now or later!  She is a fan of kicking daddy just a little then moving around until she is curled up in his hand.  A Daddy's Girl already!!!

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Every week we get closer to the due date the better chance she has of being ok if she comes early.  Course we want her to stay in as long as possible!  And on the subject of in and belly button is almost protruding so we will see if it pokes all the way out by the end or if I still have an innie at the end of it all!  And not to worry, it will go back to mostly normal after Guppy gets here!

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