Sunday, November 29, 2015

While the weather is (was) nice, lets work on the crib!

In shopping for Baby Fish I was having a hard time finding the just right crib that was exactly what I want for the nursery.  The bedroom we are using is already painted dark chocolate brown.  So a dark wood crib is not really what we I want.

We were fortunate enough find a crib on a swap shop for a decent price, and it was the style we I wanted, a 2 in 1 crib.  So it will go from a crib to a toddler bed, and then we can put the full size bed we already have back in the room when she is old enough for a big bed!

The color I have picked out for the crib is Cut Ruby

And no I'm not the one that will spray the crib, although if I was, I would wear a mask like I did when I made the faux mirror.  My husband is the one working on re-finishing it.  The crib itself is in REALLY good condition, it's only three years old, and not on any recall lists!  BONUS!

The steps are fairly easy, time consuming, dirty, but easy.
Step 1, sand it so the surface is roughed up.

Step 2, wipe down with paint thinner to remove all residual dust and any contaminates that may keep the paint from sticking.

Step 3, paint, the number of coats are determined by you, the look you want and how good you are with spray paint (and how good the spray paint is).  The Valspar paint says it's a paint and primer in one but after two coats...yeah...

...we ended up driving to Lowe's and getting four more cans of hubby ended up doing about four coats of paint.  This process has taken a lot longer than anticipated, my husband is a perfectionist so it is taking longer than it would have if I had been the one to do it....course it is turning out better than it might have if I had done it my way (not sanding as much).

This is the back of the crib, and is finally covered.....we will be going to get more cans of paint.  Valspar paint is so fine you can't get good coverage...yeesh...but the crib is gonna look amazing!!!!

Step 4, It has been almost a month since we my husband last worked on the crib, and at this point I am not sure I want to wait for a nice day again so we he can spray the clear coat.  I am planning on making teething bumpers for the front and sizes so I don't see what the point of taking the time to do a clear coat.  So, we need to clear out the bedroom, figure out what we are going to do with a full size bed, and assemble this beautiful red crib in Baby Fish's room, cause I'm ready to start decorating!!!!

It took a whole day of cleaning and re-arranging but I finally got the basement ready for the full size bed...AND got the nursery ready for the crib!  So here it is all assembled and ready for a mattress, and a wee-one!!!  Don't mind the mess....this nursery is a work in progress!

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