Friday, November 27, 2015

Week 21!

As I posted last week measurements on the size of my little Guppy are unknown right now just because we didn't get her length during our appointment, nor can they tell me what that is when I called a few days later, and she was a bit ahead of the game weighing in at 11 oz two weeks ago.  We can assume that she weighs around 13 to 14 ounces, because babies gain around 3 ounces between weeks 20-21....and knowing she is longer than normal we can guess she could be around 9-10 inches long....It's a guessing game really at this point until I get back to the doctor in December and ask.  The main thing is that she is healthy.  And for that I am grateful!  If you could see my baby girl this week she would look something like this....

Photo from

From this point on most of the changes will be weight gain, and growing in length!  We won't see her again until our 3D ultrasound in early January! By then she will be easier to see via ultrasound and we will have a small idea of what she may look like when she is born in April!

She is kicking/moving more regularly but Daddy still hasn't been able to feel her movements yet because the placenta is up front and it's like trying to feel bumps through a pillow!  I certainly can feel her a lot tho, and she has a lot of fun early in the morning, and at night when I'm laying down, or sitting up.  There is a chance this week he will not only be able to feel her movements finally, but also be able to see them.  Depends on where she kicks/elbows/head butts vs where the placenta is.