Saturday, September 5, 2015

T-minus 9 days....

On the 14th I will be hosting a P.E.O. meeting at my house...yikes!!! My house is comfortably messy...or a total disaster if you ask my husband.  I have projects toys everywhere...I'm a mess.  Cleaning is my LEAST favorite thing to do.  But I love having company over...this has to be an oxymoron...anyhoo...

There are a few projects that I haven't been putting off per-say, I just haven't gotten around to them, for a while.  And with company coming it's a great time to get to it!  I'm sure everyone remembers my screen turned jewelry holder that I finished over Memorial Day.  Today's project goes in the same room, and was actually part of the same buy last summer, an old screen and an old three-pane window.  I have had several ideas of what I may want to do with it, but inspiration struck (thank you Pinterest) and I knew it was destined to become an old faux mercury glass mirror!!

I knew from blog posts about doing DIY Faux Mercury Glass (like this one) you could only find the Krylon Looking Glass Spray at craft stores...fortunately for me I was going to Hobby Lobby yesterday with my mom to search for Sock Monkey things for Baby Fish.  We made out like bandits finding the actual socks, fleece, cotton fabric, ribbon and the Krylon spray!  After stopping for custard on the way home I came inside and spread out my loot and took pictures of all of the monkey goodness!

And at some point I took the spray paint out of the bags...

Today my plan was to get up, eat and start making faux magic...but for the life of me I couldn't find that spray paint ANYWHERE!!!  I looked in both bedrooms, the master, the basement, the garage, my bathrooms, I called my mom and she checked her trunk, called the husband, he hadn't seen it...I was beyond frazzled.  So I called Hobby Lobby hoping they put it in a third sack and we left it behind.  I ended up taking everything we purchased yesterday, and the reciept to Hobby lobby and they reviewed the showed the cashier putting the spray paint in the smaller bag, with other items.  I was so frustrated with myself so I went to Lowes for blue light bulbs, checked Walmart even tho I knew better, and then went to Michael's to buy more paint....this stuff is NOT cheap...$12-13 a can, and fortunately they have a sale, plus I had a 20% off coupon...made it a bit easier to swallow...I got home and started making the vinegar solution and thought that I should start a load of laundry before I get all involved in painting...yeah.

Guess what I found next to the laundry soap?  My two missing cans of spray paint.  I have NO idea WHY I put it there, or why I would have had the paint near the laundry room to begin with.  But I now have four cans of Looking Glass Spray....let the fun begin!!!

I taped the back of my window up because I didn't want to have spray paint everywhere.

I did put on a mask so I didn't breathe in all of the fumes, gotta protect Baby Fish!

Then I started spraying after I shook the can till my arms felt like limp noodles.

After three coats I decided to do some distressing...

Then more paint!  I ended up putting something like 5 or 6 coats of paint on.  Then I added the black satin paint I purchased as a backing...yeah, there was a whoops and the nozzle got knocked off, and I didn't know it, so it sprayed blobs of paint all over my looking glass paint...try not to panic...

I ran in and found grey primer, so I sprayed that on top of the black mess.

After that I pulled the tape off and waited 10 minutes for it to dry so I could carry it inside and hang it up!  It's dry to handle in 10 minutes, and dry to touch in 1 hour.  There is nothing touching it so yeah I hung it back up after the 10...  I love the way it turned out!  Not bad for my first attempt!!!  And the black mess actually added some interest!!

What are you going to create this weekend?

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