Friday, November 20, 2015

It's a cold day, great for soup!

I don't think the temperature here has gotten over 50 degrees today, and it's been cloudy all day.  The weather is supposed to really turn icky tomorrow.  My husband has been out hunting all day and he finally got one!!!  Don't worry, no pictures this year, although we will be processing it when he gets home.  I wanted something warm, but wasn't exactly sure what.  So I threw together a quick pot of Potato Soup!  Cheater style...chop up some bacon and brown it up

Then toss in about a half a bag of potatoes o'brian and let them brown up a bit and thaw

After it's browned up add about a tablespoon of chicken soup base.

The cube up about 8 oz of Velveeta, I just happened to have the queso blanco open so that is what I used.

And pour some milk on it and let the cheese melt, and the milk warm up, but don't let it scald!  Taste it and add some fresh cracked black pepper to taste!

Pair it with some bread and you have a meal!


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