Friday, November 20, 2015

Week 20!

Hey there Baby Fish!  This week she is between 6 - 9.8 inches long and weighs over 11 ounces!  I don't know exactly how much weight she will pack on in the coming weeks, but she is long and weighs more than the growth charts say!  From this point on babies will all develop at a different rate, but my little one will be growing about ten times the size she is now before April!  And starting next week the measurements will be from crown to toes instead of crown to rump...Baby Fish was measuring a bit "Big" for last week when we had our anatomy scan, at a whopping 11 oz, but they did not change our due date, she is still due in April!  And on a fun note, she is no longer a bobble head!  Her limbs have reached the correct proportions, and if you could see her now she is sprouting eyelashes and eyebrows.  Cute huh?  We have also reached a milestone, I'm officially at the halfway point!

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While I have been out shopping for maternity stuff there was a discussion as to what month I am in, it is the second trimester, and according to What to Expect I am in the 5th month which goes from about week 18 to week 22.

5 month bump!

Now that we know that Baby Fish is a baby girl I have started "cracking out" on little girl stuff.  And being the crafty person I am have been searching Pinterest for DIY is one little outfit I have started!  With more to come (and a blog post I'm sure)!