Friday, February 26, 2016

Week 34!

Guppy can be here as early as 3 weeks (eek) or as late as 8's totally normal!  My Dr doesn't stop labor once you hit 37 weeks, and won't talk induction till after 41 weeks.  Most first time mom's deliver after their estimated due date (6 more weeks for me)...we shall see as things progress!  This week my little one is around 5 pounds give or take. And somewhere between 19-22 inches long.  Her kidneys are fully developed and can function on their own, and her little lungs are almost fully ready for her first breath.  99% of babies born at this point can survive without much help.

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For me this week, Guppy has been pushing/kicking my right side for the past several days so I have a numb spot on my lower ribs, completely normal, and very painful at times.  I don't think she likes it when I'm sitting straight up.  Oh well.  I have also figured out who will drive me to the hospital if hubbs is at work, and I have a backup for them, and a backup for that backup...I still haven't packed a bag for the hospital though...maybe in another week I'll be ready.  I am going to try to post a weekly picture of the belly from here to the end simply because my mom told me that I will really start "blowing up" because there is no where else for her to go but out...

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