Saturday, February 27, 2016

Lactation Cookies

With 6-ish weeks left till Guppy makes her grand appearance I knew it was time to make some lactation cookies to help my milk supply!  So I went to a speciality store to get some of the ingredients and then went to mom's house to make some cookies!  We started by gathering the ingredients.

not pictured?  Sugars...brown and white...whoopsie!

Start by mixing the water and the flax seed, it will turn into kind of a paste.

Then mix the dry, and spices.

Meanwhile mix the butter and sugars till creamy

Then add the farm fresh eggs one at a time while mixing.  I am totally spoiled with my eggs.  I get them from the Farm Wife's Table and I can't imagine going back to store bought eggs, ever.

After it's all nice and mixed add the flax seed paste, dry ingredients, the oats and the raisins.  And now that I'm talking about the oats...I have always heard that steel cut oats are better than instant or quick oats.  But this recipe calls for thick cut...I didn't notice that before I purchased the steel here's a picture of the difference between steel cut, and quick oats.  MAJOR difference.

Then it's time to scoop the dough onto cookie sheets.

And lick the beater....

Someone else wanted some too...and eventually got to finish the beater, cause when she jumped up, she got her tongue on the beater....thanks pup!

10 minutes later, the cookies were done and ready to come out.

Then it was time to try one...

And share it, of course!

Then package them up into bags of 5.  I get 5 a's gonna be hard to space them out.  They are just THAT GOOD!!!

The recipe made about 80 cookies.  We did notice that the cooler the cookie sheet before we put the dough on the puffier the cookies were.