Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Crib Mobile

Finding a mobile to go with my sock monkey theme has proven difficult....well maybe not difficult but everything out there is super expensive....like $90 and up...So I'm going to create my OWN mobile.  I got the inside of an embroidery hoop, felt, a garland I found at the Goodwill Outlet, stuffing, glue, embroidery floss, my 504 spray, good scissors...yarn...oh and a pattern!

I found a used mobile with the music box at a local consignment store for $7.  So that will be my base.

I took all of the old decorations off of the mobile, including the pink arm sleeve, so I could start fresh.  I started by covering the entire hoop in blue yarn

Leslie did a quick AutoCAD design for the sock monkey pattern, so she could send the file to her Silhouette machine...P.S. That thing is amazing!  And we she sent the file to cut

We did have to trim each piece out because it's not really made to cut felt, but it did an awesome job, better than me cutting each piece out by hand from scratch!  We then glued the details on.

The next step is sewing the buttons on, then stitching around each one and stuffing it so it puffs out.

Once each of the four monkeys are done they get attached to the hoop with a blue yarn each with their own little ball from the garland I deconstructed.  Then I strung the hoop up with more blue yarn, topped with another ball and hooked it to the music box!  The sleeve that goes over the arm is made out of the same material I will be using to make the crib skirt.

All of the monkeys are looking down so Guppy can look up at them!  I think it turned out quite nice!  One more thing done and checked off my to-do list!!