Friday, February 19, 2016

Week 33!

As the weeks go by this month Guppy will be gaining about a half a pound a week, so she's at about 4-1/2 lbs right now...or at least this is the average. And this number can almost double by d-day. She can grow about another inch this week alone so she could be close to 20 inches, which is the average height of a full term baby.  We know from earlier ultrasounds that she has long legs, so we will see how that correlates to her overall height at birth.  Speaking of birth, if Guppy made an appearance now there wouldn't be a ton of problems, of course we want her to "bake"  a few weeks longer, how much longer?  Anywhere from 5-9 weeks!

photo from
Daddy is having an easier time feeling the lumps and the nudges while she fidgets and does her aerobics's quite hilarious seeing my belly all lopsided, and the alien-like movements.

Ignore the fur...we have dogs...
And just for fun I did one of those online "when will you have your baby" predictors....

It is predicting a Girl, which is right....we'll see about the rest! LOL