Thursday, February 25, 2016

One last nursery project

The nursery is almost done, I just had one more project I wanted to get done before Guppy gets here. I wanted to paint a triptych of the Three Wise Monkeys; hear no evil - kikazaru (聞か猿), speak no evil - iwazaru (言わ猿) and see no evil - mizaru (見猿), as sock monkeys.  These monkeys are part of the Koshin belief to try to live a life without any evil. I started by drawing up a half a monkey...

Then I traced that onto a flat piece of tracing paper.  I knew I could draw it once, but not necessarily three times and make it look similar or the same.  And I knew I was going to be picky enough to want these three to look similar/identical.

From there I put the drawing behind the canvas and traced it in pencil, changing out the arms for each of the three.  When I bought paints for the alphabet wall I made sure I would have enough for these paintings.

 Finding something round to create the background was a bit tricky but I settled on cotton balls dipped in paint to make irregular dots.  Then I started painting in the various parts.

Hello belly!
After getting everything painted, bow ties made, and pom poms glued on, it's time to hang them above the crib.

So cute!