Friday, February 12, 2016

Week 32! 8 Months...

Another week closer to meeting Guppy!!!  This week she is close to 19 inches (give or take of course) and almost 4 pounds!!!  That explains why my back tends to hurt after being on my feet and active all day long! She is still kicking and moving, enough that I have finally gotten her on video a few times, it really does look like there is an alien in my stomach!  Surfactant is being released to help keep those little air sacs open and the lungs working.

Picture from

I am assuming that Guppy is in fact head down as she has been during the last two ultrasounds we had.  I feel a hard bump near the top of my belly that has to be her cute little (and bony) rump, and her kicks are above my belly button, the heartbeat is below my belly button,  there is a fun article (click here) that explains how to guess the baby's position, just note that babies move around a LOT, and will change position often.  I still have more time (about 4 more weeks) before the OB will take a guess, or even start to worry about it.  If they aren't worried, then I'm not either.

Later this week we get to do our pre-registry with the hospital!  And another thing checked off our to-do list!