Friday, September 18, 2015

11 Weeks!

This week if you could see my wee one. They would look a bit like this...

Milestones this week include irises developing and the teeny tiny nails on his hands and feet growing as well.  You can feel the top of the uterus if you know where to press, carefully of course.  And although I'm not showing per-say, I'm definitely using hair bands to hook my pants, or just wearing some of the maternity garb I was lucky enough to get already!

One of my favorite movies is "What To Expect When You're Expecting" when I first watched it I related to Holly, because I had been told IVF was it, and we couldn't do that, so I thought well we can adopt.  Most recently I relate to Wendy.  The woman who has dreamed of becoming a mom, does everything including charting, swearing off alcohol and relations on a schedule.  Throughout the movie she plasters a smile on her face and swears everything is great when in fact it was far from it.  This early on I was naive enough to think that once I got pregnant it would be sunshine and rainbows and unicorns....yeah not so much.  I have been sick, sore, tired, and my face looks like a throwback from middle school teenage years...don't get me wrong, I am still ECSTATIC that I'm pregnant.  And I can't wait to find out what we are having, and to get the nursery done, and to finally hold my precious miracle, but man it would have been awesome to just feel great from day 1.  Or as they say in the movie, I want my glow.  If you haven't watched this flick yet, I suggest you do.

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