Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A checkup

On a monthly basis I will be visiting my OBGYN for a checkup while my pregnancy progresses.  We have a steady heartbeat at 150, and everything is measuring right on track.

The Lil' Bitty baby bump (3 months)

Today I asked about why my hair is still falling out, and it's normal! Not every woman will get that thick mane of glossy tresses.  I'm ok with that, my hair is thick enough normally, and I break hair ties regularly, without adding the pregnancy thick hair!

Being the planner I am I asked the Dr about his opinion on a birth plan.  He basically said that as long as I realize that Murphy's Law dictates that nothing goes to plan, and I won't get all freaked out if it doesn't go to plan, then go ahead.  So I started researching birth plans and determining which points are important to include in my birth plan.  Umbilical cord cutting delay is a high priority, as is discussing possible interventions with us before just doing them.  There is a really cool site, Nurturing Hearts Birth Services, if you want to read more about waiting to cut the umbilical cord, everyone should read it!

This picture taken from the blog post on NHBS and is credited to them!

I am also iffy on the Vit K injection, the eye goop and the HBV shot...I still have several months before I really need to worry about the ins and outs of the delivery, but I have a plan started thanks to research, and Pinterest.