Friday, September 25, 2015

12 weeks!

It seems like just yesterday that I was writing my 11 week post!  Time sure is flying and that baby he is a growing!  This week milestones include; the major organs including his brain are formed and will just continue to grow, baby will be moving his hands and feet and it won't be long before I will start to feel him move!  My bump is starting to show and that makes me more excited even tho I'm not quite ready for all of my maternity clothes, and I can still kinda fit into my regular is a picture that shows about where my bean is!

At the end of this week I will finally be in my second trimester!  October 2nd is fast approaching!!!

On a more personal note.  Today everyone has been asking me, "How do you feel?"  And I have been able to say, GREAT!  No more sickness!!  I sooooo should not have bragged about that!!!  I thought it would be a good idea today to snack on some beef jerky because I'm having a late lunch...yeah, that does NOT feel good coming back more jerky for me.