Friday, May 13, 2016

Where has the time gone?!?

I meant to write my birth story out.  Well from the moment my daughter came into this world the internet and social media (with the exception on Instagram) just faded to the background!  My mom did a blog post about my labor on her blog, and you can find it HERE!  But, I want to say a few things about it from my perspective.  I woke up at 4:30 am having contractions, and went back to sleep for a little longer.  When I got up I sent my mom a message via Facebook Messenger so I didn't wake my dad up.

I ended up waking Mr Fish up around 6:30 and told him to shower and eat breakfast. I ended up eating a banana with peanut butter because I figured I would need energy.  Anyone that knows me personally knew that I had a very specific plan in mind for when I went into labor.  I was going to eat, I was going to labor at home as long as I could.  Once I was at the hospital I was going to walk around, or bounce on a ball, take a hot shower.  I was NOT going to be stuck laboring in bed on my back.
cute gif laughing gif minions gif

My contractions quickly went from manageable and spaced out to coming strong and 2 minutes apart, so we left home shortly before 8 am.  I don't remember much of the ride to the hospital besides calling my mother in law and not being able to say anything other than "I'm sorry" and "It hurts" because right as she answered I was hit with a contraction...I think she got the message though!  Once we got to the hospital I got to sign some forms before I was taken back to my room (I did call ahead to let them know I was on my way).  Then once they monitored me for a bit they admitted me because I was truly in labor.  Mr Fish got out his Doritos to help speed up the process...

I will admit, I labored on my back, every time I tried to change positions I would puke, quite literally, or drop to the floor on my knees, and if you read my mom's blog post you will see that I screamed and cursed through most of my labor before I switched to praying.  It was much easier to labor that way.

She was born less than 10 hours after labor started, after just 33 minutes of pushing.  Because my birth plan was written with as natural a labor as possible, she ended up being born in her amniotic sac (I didn't want them to rupture my sac) 1 in 80,000 births happen like this.  It was quite amazing.

right after the sac burst

My doctor was wonderful, she allowed the cord to stop pulsing and turn white before she clamped it.  Which allowed the blood from the placenta to go back into her body. Up to 1/3 of an infants blood is in the cord and the placenta.  

We went home 29 hours after she was born!

Since we have been home I have had my fair share of moments questioning myself as a parent.  I have called my mom more than once in a panic over one thing or another, as well as calling friends for advice.  It's a learning experience for sure, and being a parent has been nothing like I thought it would be.  But I wouldn't change it for the world!

She is my world.