Sunday, May 29, 2016

Nobody told me...

Nobody told me that labor would be so hard. 
I wanted to run away and call it quits. 
But I didn't.

Nobody told me that being responsible for a newborn would be so hard. 
Where's my white flag? I can't do this! 
But I can.

Nobody told me that hearing your baby cry would rip your heart out. 
Why can't I make it stop? Why can't I fix it? 
But I try.

Nobody told me I would look at my husband, and fall for him all over again when he is saying silly things to our baby. 
But I did.

Nobody told me I would love that little human more than life itself.
But I do.

Nobody told me I would question myself every day. 
Am I a good mother? Am I doing this right? 
But I AM.