Sunday, August 23, 2015

Where I'm From

I have been lucky enough to be subbing for the last few days. In one of the classes the assignment was to read the poem "Where I'm From" by George Ella Lyon then to use a template to create your own version of this poem. I loved it so much I created my own.

I am from art supplies,
From pontoon boats and stained glass.
I am from painted walls, messy rooms and barking dogs.
It smelled like a home-cooked meal.
I am from the lilac bush,
The irises, 
Fragrant, vibrant and full of memories.
I am from summers with Grandparents 
And nonsense poems 
From JoMama and JoPapa and Travis.
I am from throwing the penalty flag at the Tv and Christmas scavenger hunts.

From hence and I love you.
I'm from faith, family and country.
I'm from Kansas City and across the globe, 
Peggy Rolls and buttermilk cookies.
From the grandfather who played the organ for the St. Louis Cardinals 
And learning to touch my tongue to my nose.
I am from helping neighbors and impromptu dinners.
Smithville, MO