Friday, August 7, 2015

Five Weeks into a new adventure

Wow, time flies!  As of today I am officially in week 5 of my pregnancy!  I still get giddy when I think of the little miracle God has given us, that is growing inside of me!  I have a ton of people thinking and praying for us, it is truly amazing!!!

Two years ago a friend shared an awesome website with me that shows the development of baby's too cool, you can go here and see for yourself.  But this is the main website I will  be pulling my information from on a weekly/daily basis.  Right now here are the stats:

"Your pregnancy begins at conception. (Sat, 18 July 2015) Your due date is 266 days (38 weeks) later. We will use the more popular numbering, starting 14 days before your conception. According to this, you are already 2 weeks pregnant at the time of conception, making your total pregnancy last 40 weeks, or 280 days."

Baby Fish looks like:
Photo from
And is about 3/16" long, this week it will grow to the size of a grain of rice!  Amazing stuff!!

Today I also went in to get my blood drawn again to make sure the levels are still going up.  I assume they are because my symptoms are getting more intense...oh yes, the nausea, super sniffer and other fun things are going on that reassures me that things are going well!  

After the Dr my new summer kiddo and I went to the store for picnic supplies and spent the afternoon at the park. A great way for them to use up energy, and for me to get the rest my body tells me that I need.  On our way home the Dr called...they said anything over 4500 is where we need to be, my number was 6423!!!  My Baby Fish is growing just like they should!!!