Friday, August 21, 2015

Lucky 7

Week 7.  Baby fish looks less like a sea monkey, and more like a baby human!  There are stumps for the arms and the legs, and little buttons where the hands and feet belong!  By the end of this week the palms of the hands will be visible.  He is about the size of a blueberry, .25 inches long!

Baby's heart is larger and the brain and spinal cord is almost developed, no where near the right size or place but it's there.  Muscles are present and coordinated enough that Baby Fish can move on its own.  He may have a huge head, but he also has nostrils!  This is what he should look like by the end of this week!

Some of my symptoms have all but disappeared...odd cravings have started, which has spawned my Instagram series #BabyMadeMeDoIt   but you have to follow me to be able to see any of my photos...too many creepers.  There are other symptoms...I haven't really been able to use the bathroom in almost a week...

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