Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A new adventure!

8/3/15 Oh how life changes in a moment!  Two years ago I never thought I would wake up one morning and get a positive pregnancy test!  And oh boy was it positive!!!  Usually as early in as I was at that point the test should have been the opposite, with the first line being faint and the second you can clearly see the test is Super dark pregnant and a faint control line...wowza!

I told a few people but wanted to wait to tell most until I saw my bean on ultrasound. Ectopic pregnancies are rare, only 2%, but I have had two already, and I want to make sure we are on the right track before shouting our news from the rooftops, or blog about it!  So I called the Dr, and went in for blood work, the pregnancy has been confirmed and my levels are high!  HcG is 1927 and progesterone is 20.73; right where it should be!  They rescheduled my appointment on Wednesday so they could do an ultrasound as you can generally see something when your levels reach 1000.

I'm so excited to see my little bean growing and to blog about it!!!  I beat infertility!

8/4/15 Yeah, nausea and super sniffer right here! Not to mention I need a nap...  and yes I am loving it! The "morning sickness" is really mostly at night...whatever made me think it was smart to eat a chili cheese dog for dinner....

8/5/15 I finally slept neighbor told me that I shouldn't take my prenatal at night, the vitamins were most likely giving me energy and keeping me my addiction to coffee...yeah, I can at most stomach one cup and I'm done.  So that will be a habit that I can drop pretty soon.  I have been fortunate so far that the lack of caffeine has not given me any headaches!!  Well we are headed off to the Dr soon!  We being my mom, and my neighbor's daughter who I am watching until school starts!!!

And it is official!!!  There is a bean there, you can only see the sac right now, but it tells us that we are in the right place!  So far, so good.  We will be going back on the 18th to do another scan that should show us the baby, and we will get a better estimated due date...right now they are saying April 10th based on my LMP...

I know that it is fairly early (I'm only 4 weeks) but with my past history I want all of the prayer warriors I have to be praying for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy mom!!!


  1. I am sooo happy for you :) Miss you, Robin

  2. Awesome!!!!
    I'll Pray for all is well

  3. So very happy for you and we will continue to keep you in our prayers... take care of yourself and "baby bean"