Friday, August 14, 2015

Week 6!

I wanted to blog this adventure because I can...and because it will be fun to look back years from now to see what I went through to get the miracle I have been praying for.

My symptoms were expected, and some unexpected.  I expected the nausea, the tiredness, but I wasn't expecting to feel full all of the time...a heaviness in my stomach.  It's completely normal...I have read a lot of books over the years, to prepare myself for pregnancy, and to try to understand what was going to happen...they never mentioned this.  It's doable, just wish someone had told me to expect it!

As I got closer to Week 6 my symptoms came and went, the nausea is not near as bad as it was, now it's just triggered by intense cigars...ewww!  I also haven't been able to take my allergy medicine so I'm sneezing a lot.

Baby Fish will look something like this by the end of this week:

Ain't he cute?!?  No longer a sea monkey with a tail and looking more like a baby every day!  In a few days we get to go to the doctor again for another scan and we should be able to see the heartbeat!  He also has his own blood supply, which may be different than my own!  If we see the heartbeat and they will let me, I want to record a short video!  We'll see!

On another note I will be subbing again soon, so I spent part of today in the stained glass studio working on a project for Baby Fish!  I can cut glass, grind and foil, but I will have to wear a respirator and wear gloves to handle the solder and other chemicals that are necessary to finish stained glass.  Or I can trade duties with someone I trust to make the project pretty...