Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I LOVE bread.

I LOVE bread, not sandwich bread, the little loaves of bread that you get at the grocery store.  I love bread so much that I could probably eat it for a meal; yes I love bread that much.  I'm not quite sure what has changed about me in the last few months, but I can now confidently cook a loaf of French bread, or my mom's famous crescent rolls, which means trouble for my waistline...oh my last post I made simple French bread.  It was ugly as sin, but quite yummy!  I did ask my mom what I did wrong, and I guess she has never followed the step about roll out into a rectangle then roll back up and shape into a loaf...she more or less just shapes a loaf after the first rise...duly noted. 

So I found a recipe on Pinterest...and followed it to the “What About Pie” blog.  This is one of many recipes I found and want to make!  So here goes my first attempt at a Pepperoni roll-up.  My mom’s response to this was, “Why not just make a pizza?”  Good question mom, but, a pizza roll-up sounds way more fun to make and eat! Instead of following the recipe on the other blog, I decided to make my own bread, much more fun, AND, I had all the ingredients here, no trip to the store for me in 33° weather. HA!

I used the same bread recipe from my last blog “Recovered from…” except that I added a teaspoon-ish of Italian seasoning, and a teaspoon-ish of garlic.  I must insert here that I LOVE garlic.  Up until a few years ago I avoided garlic like it equaled death.  But now, I use it in almost everything.  Garlic Bread…oh yummy!

I decided to make a pepperoni roll-up, and then some buns for later this week, not that making bread is hard for me anymore, just in the name of time consumption…the process of the pizza roll was simple after the dough was ready, simply roll out, place meat and cheese on the dough, and roll it up!

Place the rolled up yumminess seam side down (I also tucked the ends under so I wouldn’t lose any of the cheese) and brush with melted butter. Again I changed the recipe a bit by adding garlic to the melted butter, cause garlic and pizza just go hand in hand.

It only takes 15-20 minutes to bake (really!) so in the meantime I formed little buns and let them rise.

Time seemed to fly by, and it was time for the roll-up to come out of the oven and cool…and the buns were ready to go into the oven!  Waiting for this aromatic pizza roll to cool was almost more than I could stand, but when it was cool enough to touch without burning myself I couldn’t wait any longer and sliced into it! Oh the garlic scented steam almost drove me to insanity!  YEAH!  I served it to myself (cause presentation is half the battle) with a dipping sauce of pizza sauce and sprinkle cheese…and it was good!

I almost forgot to take the buns out of the oven, and I can’t wait to eat those later this weekend with some Lasagna soup, so stay tuned for my next cooking adventure!