Sunday, September 19, 2010

Storage Bench Finishes!!!

To start with here is a sample of the wood stain, used for the main body of the bench, it will also cover the inside, if I can get all of the paint removed!  The body will then be finished with several coats of a gloss finish, gotta have that high luster finish!

I finally got the fabric for the bench, it is the fabric shown on the left.  The animal print is a coordinating fabric that will be used for pillows, both for the back of the bench (probably a roll pillow) and on the couch.  I will also be upholstering another chair with these two fabrics.  Using the fabrics in the manner will help to pull the fabric from the bench throughout the room.  Don't worry, I will be posting pictures as I get things done, as well as a final picture of the bench finished and in place in my living room!

The legs of this bench will be angle iron, with a faux rust finish, and obviously unless I have them finished and rusted I can't really take a picture of them, but as soon as they are done I will take a picture.