Sunday, September 12, 2010

Letter Fun!

As posted earlier The new assignment is to take the letters from our names, and using unorthodox materials create the font (staying true to the serif!!!) and then take a picture of it.  I have one taker on creating a letter so here's what I have in mind...all letter outlines will be provided via this blog or your email, please do not scale the letters (or do it carefully so they stay true to the original letter) you can find the files here My Letters

d - using template create outline and fill with various nuts and bolts on a concrete floor near or in a pool of oil or other fluid

a - collect rocks and place in outline of letter in garden near flowers.  Make sure the garden the rocks are going into is not already filled with rocks...return rocks to original location after picture.

y - cut out letter and use as template, fill inside with wood chips, place carving knives and wood carving in frame and snap picture.

n - cut out letter to use as template, create letter out of dog/cat food, allow pet to enter frame of photo and go towards food...snap picture

a -cut out letter and draw on piece of metal, using a grinding wheel start to "cut" letter out.  Snap a picture.

s -using couch as a background start to knit a small width scarf...use as beginning or end of letter then use same yarn (still attached) to create the rest of the outline of the letter. 

c - thaw sausage patty, scale letter to fit, then cut out letter, place sausage patty in pan and allow to cook with other whole patties...

h - create outline and fill of letter with fishing lures. Lure at top of letter attached to a pole

r - cut out letter to use as template, create outline with ammunition,

o - cut out letter to use as template and fill or cover with skittles, remover paper...have all spawnlings put hand towards skittles to take one...just one tho cause we don't want them to ruin their appetite! Or do outline in skittles and fill the middle with crackery things...and the rest same as above...then snap picture! Onward! Then please email picture to me at address listed below...

e - create coffee spill using glue and paint, lay coffee cup over on side with "coffee" inside it, and "flowing" out to create letter, place on washable and wipe-able surface.

d - create letter out of white mat board and poster board, finish with brown shoe polish.  Place in Oven inside a baking dish, turn oven on so the broiler glows and snap a picture and remove and switch off before paper catches on fire!

e - in a bowl use glue milk and puffed rice cereal to create letter.

r -using letter as a guide place crushed cans on floor to create outline...then fill inside with crushed cans and some that are not crushed yet...have assistant lift crusher and prepare to crush un-crushed cans...snap a pic!

I have a long name, and that is a lot of pictures...but, for all those willing to help let me know which letter you want to do and when all pictures have been snapped please email them to me at

And if you have an alternative idea to one of my letters please let me know...there are a lot, and i think I pulled a brain muscle thinking! ;0))

Thank you all in advance...and I hope the little ones enjoy the Skittles!