Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's TIME for Furniture Design!

So this semester I am taking an Interior Details and Furniture Design class.  The semester project is to find a wooden, or partially wooden piece of furniture and either refinish it, or make something totally different out of it.
My piece

I ended up finding a storage bench, circa unknown. 
But, it was relatively cheap (only $15) and in decent condition!

So far I have taken the lid off, after removing the fabric, and have determined that it will have to be totally replaced...too much rot to even deal with...not to mention the materials used (it was not original to the piece) were just not satisfactory for my house!  

I will be writing a proposal on changing and improving my storage bench, and will also post my "during" pictures.  And a post all about the finishes!  :o)

As always, any comments are more than welcome!  I'm looking forward to seeing how this project turns out!